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Tile & Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Tile & Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Eau Claire, WI

Tile Floor Cleaning in Eau Claire, WI

Tile & Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We understand that cleaning tile and hardwood floors can be a challenging task without the proper equipment. Here at Dri X Cleaning and Restoration, we are experts on the complexities associated with floor cleaning and know how to properly seal and maintain your beautiful floors.

Clean & Protect

Our technicians are trained to use a high-speed rotary brush and powerful cleaning solution to reach and attack tough dirt and contaminants, following up with a detailed hand cleaning for hard-to-reach areas. For hardwood floors, we then restore the pH balance of with a professional wood cleaner designed specifically for your floors. We ensure that the entire process is low-odor and non-toxic - leaving you with safely cleaned floors.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Eau Claire, WI

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